VA Home Loan Benefits for Disabled Veterans

In addition to VA home loan benefits like no down payment requirement and the absence of mortgage insurance, there are additional VA home loan benefits available to veterans who are disabled. Learn what VA home loan benefits you are eligible for as a result of having a service-related disability.

Dollar Bills

VA Loan Funding Fee Can
Be Waived!

If you have a service-related disability of at least 10% and are eligible for a VA home loan, your VA loan funding fee can be waived! Be sure to let your VA loan specialist know if you have a disability that will qualify you to receive this unique VA home loan benefit.

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No Service Eligibility

If you are a veteran that was disabled as a result of service, you can have the service eligibility requirements for a VA home loan waived! This VA home loan benefit makes it even easier to qualify for a VA home loan!

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No Property Taxes
in Some States

This benefit varies by state, but most have laws that waive property taxes for disabled veterans. This benefit is not directly associated with VA loans or the VA itself, but is a benefit provided by individual states to those who have been injured during their service to our country.


VA Grants for Accommodation

A program called the Specially Adapted Housing grant program was designed in order to help disabled veterans either modify an existing home or build a new home that is accessible to people with disabilities. Generally, these grants, which could equal up to $50,000, can be used to help disabled veterans make home improvements such as:


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